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Industry Leading Acrofusion Process


(Elbridge, NY)—Acrolite, an OEM manufacturer of fiber optic lighting and sensing systems and assemblies, announced the introduction of their unique, industry-leading light transmission solution. Through a proprietary process, Acrolite is able to transmit up to 20 percent more light through fiber optic cables than the industry-standard process allows. Acrolite refers to this process as “Acrofusion,” and it’s only available direct from the OEM manufacturer.

“Since our company’s inception more than two decades ago, we’ve been dedicated to two things: impeccable service and consistent innovation,” said Matt Drake, President of Acrolite. “Our Acrofusion process allows us to provide both of these things and more for the customers who rely on us for high-quality fiber optic assemblies. In improving light transmission in our Fused Fiber Optic cables, we’re able to increase overall assembly performance, which in turn helps us achieve our goal of putting our customers in a winning position.”

Typical fiber optic cable assemblies feature spaced-out fiber strands that transmit light in an inefficient manner, resulting in significant light-loss in longer cables. Acrolite’s Acrofusion process provides a unique solution for this problem. The company’s proprietary process removes the aforementioned spaces between fiber strands at the connector ends, which means less light-loss and 20 percent more light output for greater vision and illumination.

In addition to greater light transmission, the Acrofusion process also gives customers the benefits of cleaner, more consistent end termination, no epoxy failure, increased resistance to autoclaving, and greater thermal performance as it withstands higher temperatures than industry standard.

As Drake continued, “When customers come to us for Custom Fiber Optic solutions, they know they are getting cutting-edge technology that is truly unmatched in the industry. We are so proud to offer Acrofusion and are excited to see how it will be used across the market as it gives our customers the freedom to continue to innovate and improve.”

About Acrolite:

Acrolite Fiber Optic Lighting and Sensing was founded in 1994 to service medical and industrial needs as an OEM manufacturer of fiber optic lighting and sensing systems and assemblies. Acrolite Fiber Optic Lighting and Sensing is a reliable strategic partner with OEM manufacturers in providing fiber optic solutions engineered to meet their specific needs. Acrolite manufactures high transmission glass fiber. The company packages their assemblies in a variety of bundles for optical lighting, power delivery and sensing optics and system applications.