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Casual Encounters: What Happens When the Trick of the Night is Not a Stranger?

One of the great things about adult dating sites is that it’s possible to be very specific about what the user wants. Most of the time, the result is making a connection with a total stranger who is ready, willing, and able to fulfill those wants and not say a word to anyone else. As many learn the hard way, there will be times when the door opens and in walks someone who happens to live in the same building, work for the same company, or in general run in the same circles. At that point, the two people have a decision to make. Here are some of the possible outcomes.

Having a Good Laugh

After that first wave of shock rolls by, some people laugh the whole thing off. They can do this because neither of them are going to say a word about what just happened. There is zero desire to have mutual friends, neighbors, or coworkers find out about the use of the dating app or what sort of activity was discussed prior to arranging the meeting. Feeling certain of the discretion of each party, they can simply bid each other good night, block each other on the adult site, and go about their business.

Going Right Ahead

There’s also the option of going ahead as planned. After all, the point of a one night stand is to enjoy the evening with no strings attached and no repercussions in the days to come. As with any casual encounter, there will be no further discussion other than reiterating what is and is not considered acceptable to both parties. From there, it’s right to the point of the meeting followed by a simple goodbye.

Saying No

Both parties always have the privilege of saying no. Given the fact that the person of the evening turned out to not be a stranger, it may be best to decide not to stop right now. When sharing a good laugh is not possible because of how awkward the situation seems, choosing to admit this won’t do is the best move all the way around. In this scenario, the parties turn around, go home, and and never speak of the event again.

If casual encounters hold appeal, read some of the advice found at Put the information to good use and remember to play safe.